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How to Get And Stay Zen Calm

There may be thousands of different types of helpful resources to alleviate all manners of stress from our lives; personal, love life, family and at work, but what about the most basic and most important things we can do right now, to help us get and stay zen calm, if not long-term peace?

Although we may aim to start our day off with a semblance of quiet and order over a cup of coffee or designer tea, we may even wish we would have a tiny piece of Buddha-like inner peace, but as soon as we step outside our door, life bombards us with too much reality and our desire to stay zen calm is shattered .

Whether you’re:

– a student or young adult who has family, romance, work and other pressures, or

– adult, single, in a relationship, married, with or without children, with or without parents and other elders in your care

– parent of one or many children, living with you or elsewhere

– self-employed, working long hours for someone else, or you’re thinking of making a change

– elderly looking forward to retiring and making many of the ‘bucket list’ dreams come true

then try one or more, or all of these suggestions (and go ahead, adjust to your own desires and needs):

1) Once a day take five minutes to yourself to do something that is solely to make yourself feel important, loved or at least content. Examples:

Seven: / Five things you can do right now to help yourself take control of some aspects of your life:

A list of your fave things you used to do when you were younger…. reading/art/writing/jigsaw puzzles, walk,….

Websites Resources to Help Stay Zen Calm:


– About: Small Business, Canada – Make Stress Work for You: 10 Weeks to a More Successful You:
– Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – this site has many helpful articles:
– Lucy MacDonald is a counsellor who offers help over the telephone, and her site is filled with information and her seminars:
– Wellness is Managing Stress:
– offers help with coping with stress, anxiety and other related issues:
– The Stress Management Society: although based in UK, the website has valuable information that can help.
– Great in depth resource, of all aspects of stress, including anger management:
– Stress Management website with articles that show the link between poor time management to poor stress management:  –

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