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A Writer’s, Mother’s Job is Never Done

Sometimes we must complete tasks and just accept that the maintenance job is never done!

Unlike my 24-year-old daughter who starts to get jittery if she’s at home for more than two days, I’m a homebody who also needs some social interaction every couple of weeks. As a writer, book publisher and interior designer I work from home mainly on my laptop, and I love it.

Especially when it comes to keeping organized.

Everyday: clearing up, cooking, walking, exercise (dance and stretching)

Enjoy The Little Things even when the job is never done!

Connect: Talk to family and friends on Skype or Facetime; send funny and inspiring jokes and music videos – joy is in enjoying the little things in our lives, right now!

Weekly: Grocery shopping, clothes, towel and bedlinen washing, yoga, menu plan

Seasonal: Every two or three months I rifle through the medicine and vitamin containers and snack boxes and I throw out expired items. I update, renew or repair chipped plates, mugs, etc. and get rid of expired food in pantry and/or fridge and freezer.

Inside bedroom wardrobes, kitchen and bathroom cabinets:

Every five or six months, (depending if spring or winter come earlier or later) I change over the seasonal clothes, shoes, bedding, décor, etc.

Annually: I go through my business plan, notes, etc.
Enjoy getting away as we used to enjoy doing! Getaways do not have to be extravagant or abroad. Here in Ontario my husband and I have discovered many wonderful hidden treasures of bed and breakfast places. And just daily picnic excursions.

A homebody’s job is never done, and some jobs are more fun that others, but all are necessary to get and stay
organized while enjoying your home.

Click here more tips on bringing beauty and order into your home AND life?


Turn Your Thoughts Completely Around:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,” Henry Ford’s emphasis on how powerful our attitudes are, which can and will determine our success or failure.


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