By Tanya Freedman COVID19 Stress Management

Some benefits of Social and/or Physical Distancing

Getting and Staying Organized is possible and has long term benefits.

We may be fed up of thinking about the long term effects on us all because of COVID19, and unfortunately the fact is that it is here to stay.

But there must be some kind of silver lining and lessons learned, surely!

Let’s try to find positives that may enhance our lives long-term!

On a physical stand-point let us look at the physical aspects and practical ones if  the emotional toll has overwhelmed you.

Instead of hating being cooped up at home, take the opportunity to really dig deep into what your quality time at home really looks like.

Can you commit to get to those tasks you have been meaning to get to?

Once tucking into those piles of documents, boxes, those areas in the basement, crawl space, garage or shed, you will be much more organized, with short term and long term gain:

  • You’ll remember items you had been searching for, or had forgotten you still had.
  • You’ll gain more space and no longer waste precious minutes or even hours searching for items which are now in their places all neat and ready to be used.
  • You’ll find the sense of accomplishment contagious, for your loved ones or just for yourself to tackle the next section or even room in your home.
  • Physical Advantages:

    Your body will appreciate all the extra movement (after hours of binge-watching mostly forgettable TV) and the mental stimulation of living in an even more organized home will be very gratifying.

    The secret to maintaining the momentum of keeping things in their place, is to get into a routine, a habit which will become easier over time. From my and other people’s feedback who have tried this, 21 days seems the sweet spot. If, every day, (last thing at night, or first thing in the morning) you take the few minutes to clear away those things that pile up over the day, you will get used to the habit.

    Try it, and leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

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