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Tanya Freedman is a dynamic author writing fiction and non-fiction, ranging from cross-cultural romance to business coaching. She is a full service book editor and independent publisher of select fiction and non-fiction titles, transforming her clients’ projects into published reality. See examples here.

As a professional artist Tanya paints in assorted media, including watercolors and acrylics. Having established an art school, Jolly Good Art, she taught aspiring young artists, and children with special needs.

Her extensive business coaching and her book, Start and Run An Art Teaching Business (published by traditional publisher, Self-Counsel Press) have guided many artists and creative entrepreneurs to start their own successful enterprises.

Another of Tanya’s art related passions is interior design. As a certified interior designer she has transformed many people’s homes into beautiful, organized spaces for themselves, or for resale.

Tanya’s background spans Russia, Western Europe, and the Mediterranean. She now resides in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and daughter. She continues to transform her author clients’ dreams into published reality.

Tenacious Tanya

Tanya Freedman Author

Tanya Freedman

Tanya’s tenacity has seen her through many great and difficult experiences.  Her relationships within her personal and business life have taught her so much. This same tenacity has helped her through some tough health times (such as battling with breast cancer in her 42nd year, see her anthology contribution where she shares her story of conquering this disease – Suddenly Life’s Precious.) Then she was tested a second time when the breast cancer recurred, resulting in many more months of hardship for her and her family.

All this has helped her appreciate all aspects of living healthfully and with joy, and following her dreams without waiting for the ‘right’ time, or delaying things until ‘some day’. She has helped many small business owners successfully develop and run their own dream pursuits.

Getting Published:

At the beginning of her quest to be published in the early 2000s, many of her writing friends and contacts recommended that she join the RWA (Romance Writers of America) and she believes belonging to Toronto Romance Writers Chapter of RWA has been one of the best moves she made.

Read her articles about writing:

Craft by Ann Richards – This is written by one of my best critique partners, who wrote a witty ditty about Tanya Freedman’s then 11-year-old daughter’s writing fiction: – Mother Knows Best by Ann Richards

Writing non-fiction

Read about Tanya Freedman’s first non-fiction contract with a traditional publisher for “Start and Run an Art Teaching Business” with Self-Counsel Press.

HummingbirdInteriorDesigns.com – One of my passions is design, interior and exterior, large or small. Although I have enjoyed redesigning people’s homes and renovating a 1979 raised bungalow for my own family, these days I only have enough time to consult clients online.

Over the past few years I have been concentrating on writing my own books, and transforming my clients’ dreams of getting published into their reality. Knowing what it takes to put your ideas on to paper and braving the editing and publishing process, I fully understand my clients’ needs. If you are considering writing, finishing or publishing your own novel or non-fiction book, please go to Services and Portfolio for more information and then email me: contact@TanyaFreedman.com

Our Attitudes Create Our Lives!

It took years, and a hard knock on her mortality’s door, for her to wake up and realize there was no time like the present to make her dreams come true. She was determined to be a published author, right now, not ‘some day’.

Her writing and publishing dream became a reality (see her article From Conception to Dream Come True) in September 2005, and after much soul searching, she closed the doors of her lucrative and adventurous art teaching business to focus on writing. She capitalized on her transferable skills as a creative entrepreneur to get through the publishing door. She researched about the available books on the market, and developed the idea for her first non-fiction book: Start and Run An Art Teaching Business. Self-Counsel Press liked the original concept of this business book, in which Tanya shares generously all aspects of the business she created and grew. She also writes about juggling a busy life with business, and other tricks of the trade.

But there are other facets to Tanya Freedman author, too. In addition to prioritizing and balancing family with business, her other passions include traveling, interior design, creating art and writing.To her, the most important thing is to always be true to her authentic self, and paying forward.

If you’re looking for a list of resources, to help you get motivated, organized and de-stressed, read Tanya’s articles: Journey to writing inspiration, Getting published, motherhood, conquering breast cancer, spring clean your office/studio.)













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