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From Tanya Freedman’s bestselling book, Start & Run An Art Teaching Business. See the Forward and Introduction:

Back Cover Text: Anyone with an artistic skill such as painting, drawing, or pottery can start their own successful art teaching business. Many people interested in learning an artistic skill don’t have the space, materials, or facilities to learn on their own at home, and art schools provide them with a place they can go to learn with others without having to purchase expensive looms, kilns, easels, and other such equipment. Children, teens, adults — they are all looking to do art in their free time.

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This book shows you step by step how you can start your own successful art teaching business, whether it’s at your home or at a rented studio. It will show you how to develop and customize not only classes, but also art camps, birthday parties, and artist’s retreats. Learn how to set up classrooms, find students, provide great customer service, and ensure the business remains profitable — and generate the creative spark in your students, staff, and community.

Whatever your artistic skill, with the right business plan and a bit of savvy you can start your own successful business teaching art to others.

The Author

Tanya Freedman founded and operated her own art school, Jolly Good Art Studio, where she implemented many innovative teaching programs for budding artists of all ages, including children with special needs. Based on that experience and other art-related businesses, Tanya also developed a range of workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs. A mentor and coach, she shares her hands-on approach to teaching and to art-based businesses with those who want to start a business doing something they love — creating and teaching art!

Foreword And Introduction

The role of mentor is an extremely important one, providing guidance, counseling, coaching, and professional advice learned through experience. Effective mentors share not only what they know, and who they know, but also who they are. In Start & Run an Art Teaching Business, Tanya Freedman, my protegee and friend, acts as a mentor to her readers.
For Tanya, being successful isn’t just about believing in herself and her talents, it is also about reaching out and connecting with others who are willing to help her succeed. Tanya has built on her extensive networking skills and business acumen to accomplish exactly what she set out to do: make this a must-read book.
Start & Run an Art Teaching Business is a template for anyone who wants to succeed in the business of teaching art. Allow Tanya to guide you through the planning and infancy of your new business. Your dreams can come true if you learn from an expert.
Donna Messer
Director of ConnectUs
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It is a well-known fact that children’s learning and development potential improves significantly when they are stimulated by arts programs. Yet many schools are eliminating programs such as art and music because of funding cutbacks. After-school art programs are increasingly in demand as parents actively seek to cultivate as many of their children’s talents as possible.

And it is not just children who can benefit from art classes. Adults, too, are seeking a creative outlet, especially as the effects of stress reach epidemic proportions.

More and more people are using their creative talents to pursue alternative careers and becoming entrepreneurs in the field of art, crafts, music, and dance. Even some of the lost crafts such as knitting, sewing, and crocheting are being set up as new business ventures.

In this book I share with you my own experiences of opening my school, Jolly Good Art. This book is a blueprint to help you craft your own business using your unique artistic talents. What art school do you dream of starting? This is an exciting new venture, and in addition to having a genuine love and passion for creating and teaching art, you must remain motivated and excited at every stage. Let this book be the companion that motivates you as you start and run your enterprise. It will take your art school business from conception to profitable reality — and beyond.

If you are new to the world of business, I highly recommend that you complete all the exercises. They are intended to help you with all the brainstorming you must do, especially when it comes to charting realistic short- and long-term goals. You will get a better idea of where to start, how to cultivate your own abilities, and how to nurture your students’ creativity and talents. And the practical advice about time management should help you become more organized and therefore accomplish even more. Time is a more precious commodity than most people admit or realize!

Whether you are a new or an experienced entrepreneur, I hope the ideas in this book will spark your imagination in an exciting new direction, and help you become an even better communicator, teacher, and networker. I’m also here to remind you that your expectations at the outset should be grounded and realistic. Be honest with yourself and others, and cultivate your integrity as a respected businessperson. When it comes to operating your business, sometimes there is no right or wrong, only what you learn along the way.

This book also comes with a CD-ROM. There are extensive lists of resources, including websites and organizations.

Make wise choices, and make the most of your life now! I trust you have unique talents and visions, and this book is here to help you start a business doing something you enjoy. I wish you the greatest joy in discovering your fullest potential and then living it.

Tanya Freedman




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