An inspiring and Encouraging Book Coach

Thank you Tanya for all that you did to help me put my book together. From the very beginning of the conception, the structure, the editing and publishing it, you were a force to behold and admire. Thank you for the wonderful cover design and the website too. You’re a woman of many creative talents.

Yvonne Finn

Author of Getting From Hello to Forever Together -

The Best Book Coach and Publisher

Thank you for your wonderful help with the editing and publishing process on my book Love, Care and Share. When we met I had made the decision to start my book and had 68 pages completed. You inspired me to make the decision to finish and it exploded to 204 pages. You held my hand and walked me through the minefield called the publishing industry. Your attention to detail while honouring the passion and my vision of this project was extraordinary. I appreciate how your guided me through all the stages of writing, editing, publishing and even creating a virtual home for my book: I am very happy with the website you developed for my book and the setup of all the Social Media, and an amazing trailer video for the book!

I highly recommend Tanya to any aspiring or established author who has a story to tell. She will protect you as owner of the product as well as ensure that you pay a fair price to take your book to publishing.

Tom Herstad

Inspirational Author of Love, Care and Share -

Very thorough and professional

You are a very good editor. You know how to draw the best out of an author. Thank you for all you have done.

Tanya, I believe you are the reason I waited so long to finish my dream. I doubt that 18 years ago, your offered methods and resources were available the way they are now. Internet, e-mail, cell phones, digital publishing, websites, Dropbox sharing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ‘virtual’ everything. The list is endless. It now makes it all easier and yet more overwhelming. Your guidance for me to expand on certain subjects, your suggestions to add more of this and that, and all your expertise makes my work so much more meaningful and exciting.  Thank you, Tanya, for expanding my horizons on so many levels.

Carola Englert

Author of Ashanti Sails South

Tanya Freedman’s book editing and publishing services

(Fiction and Non-fiction):

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  • Structure and Draft Editing
  • Editing/Revising
  • Formatting for Digital and Print Publication
  • Publish and Distribute: Amazon, Ingram and many other platforms
  • Book Cover Design
  • Customized Website Design

Subject Matter and Genres Tanya specializes in:

Although there are some exceptions, from previous experience these are the subjects Tanya focuses on:

Fiction: Sweet Romance,  Steamy romance, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult, New Adult, Multicultural and Interracial stories. Some select paranormal romance, futuristic romance.

Non-Fiction: Self-Help, Relationship, Inspirational, Travel, Memoirs, Business Start-up, Any uplifting subject matter.

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    Tanya Freedman, of Creative Hummingbird Results, does not delegate any of her editing or revising work to anyone. Her team comprises of a virtual assistant, a social media marketer, and a book formatter, who is also a cover book designer. Tanya has a close professional relationship with these individuals.

    When you hire Tanya Freedman you deal solely with her on all levels.