What Customers Are Saying:

An inspiring and Encouraging Book Coach

Thank you Tanya for all that you did to help me put my book together. From the very beginning of the conception, the structure, the editing and publishing it, you were a force to behold and admire. Thank you for the wonderful cover design and the website too. You’re a woman of many creative talents.

Yvonne Finn

Author of Getting From Hello to Forever Together - www.YourRelationshipWhisperer.com

The Best Book Coach and Publisher

Thank you for your wonderful help with the editing and publishing process on my book Love, Care and Share. When we met I had made the decision to start my book and had 68 pages completed. You inspired me to make the decision to finish and it exploded to 204 pages. You held my hand and walked me through the minefield called the publishing industry. Your attention to detail while honouring the passion and my vision of this project was extraordinary. I appreciate how your guided me through all the stages of writing, editing, publishing and even creating a virtual home for my book: I am very happy with the website you developed for my book and the setup of all the Social Media, and an amazing trailer video for the book!

I highly recommend Tanya to any aspiring or established author who has a story to tell. She will protect you as owner of the product as well as ensure that you pay a fair price to take your book to publishing.

Tom Herstad

Inspirational Author of Love, Care and Share - www.TomHerstadBook.com

Very thorough and professional

You are a very good editor. You know how to draw the best out of an author. Thank you for all you have done.

Tanya, I believe you are the reason I waited so long to finish my dream. I doubt that 18 years ago, your offered methods and resources were available the way they are now. Internet, e-mail, cell phones, digital publishing, websites, Dropbox sharing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ‘virtual’ everything. The list is endless. It now makes it all easier and yet more overwhelming. Your guidance for me to expand on certain subjects, your suggestions to add more of this and that, and all your expertise makes my work so much more meaningful and exciting.  Thank you, Tanya, for expanding my horizons on so many levels.

Carola Englert

Author of Ashanti Sails South


What People Say About Tanya Freedman’s Seminars and Services:

“I greatly appreciate Tanya’s focused and authentic care for my book proposal.  She knows what she’s doing and she is passionate about your success!”  Diane Lindstrom

“I found Tanya’s publishing seminar to be an insightful and rather thorough introduction to the publishing world. She obviously has a great deal of experience with the dynamics of the publishing industry and therefore has much to share with her audience. She is a warm and engaging speaker, eager to answer questions and provide support, and the handouts that she provided are a wonderful guide – not only to publishing but to the self. I look forward to attending one of her upcoming workshops.” Daphne Williamson, Attorney, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Aspiring Author

“I  found Tanya Freedman’s seminar on Writing and Selling a Book Proposal to be extremely interesting and helpful. Her delivery style was interactive, and she provided concrete examples and insightful direction. I highly recommend her Book Writing Seminars for any aspiring writer who wishes to pursue his or her dream to become a published writer.” Jacqueline C. Roberts, Just Choose Results Training & Development  www.justchooseresults.com

“Thank you, I wanted to send you a message saying that your seminar is inspiring. It helps people see through the misconceptions and misunderstandings of getting one’s ideas into print, and it gives one the sense that it can be done. If I had had a mentor available for my own process, I may have done things differently and reconsider the self-publishing route as a poor alternative to traditional publishing…. Once more thank you for your insights.”    Peter Zsebik

About Tanya’s Mentoring one-on-one Services:

“Tanya Freedman is not just a book proposal mentor. She is like a personal trainer, an Olympic Coach and a supportive cheerleader all rolled into one. She made the process of writing my book proposal streamlined for me, making the task not just do-able but also enjoyable. Tanya gave me the framework within which to work, kept me accountable to myself, and set up parameters so I could keep my focus. Without Tanya, my dream of writing a book would have stayed a “one day”, “someday” concept. With Tanya guiding me, my writing process jumped to a whole new level. I could not have achieved the results that I wanted without her help. Above all, she made it a lot of fun!!!”   Merav Richter, Author of The Secret of the Story Teller

“Tanya Freedman’s seminar on Writing and Selling a Book Proposal was helpful. The handouts and resources were informative and useful. She was warm and generously giving at the workshop.” Kathy Jia, Owner of Cross-cultural Biz

“I found your seminar very informative and intriguing. You cover a lot of bases.”  AR, Oakville

“I found Tanya’s recent publishing seminar very helpful. I am a Family Physician who has had articles published in the past. However, now I am trying to find ways to publish my short non-fiction book on the Travails of a Health Care Provider.  Tanya introduced me to the Traditional Publishing Route and taught us about the Proposal Letter that can be sent to publishers. Her advice was very helpful and rejuvenated my energy for my book project.”   George D Strelioff  MD